Application for Fesch’markt WIEN #27

11/10/2023 - 11/12/2023

Definition: Own producer = sale own label, merchant = sale more than one label

(Choosing stand package only possible after acceptance) 

Fees (incl. 20% VAT): 

Package 1 »Pair« / 2 × 1,5 m / € 420
Package 2 »Four Of A Kind« / 4 × 1,5 m / € 840
Package 3 »Royal Fesch« / 6 × 2 m / € 1260
(P2 & P3 limited availability)

Table / 2 x 0,5 m / € 48
Wall space / € 60

Additional information: 
Merchant = more than one Label / double the fee
First time exhibitor / 30% discount on the first Fesch’markt

(Only food, no beverages!)
Gastro Package 1 / 3 × 3 m / € 528
Gastro-Package 2 / 5 × 3 m / € 660 
Gastro-Package 3 / 7 × 3 m / € 792 
(G-P3 limited availability)

Heavy current / per 16A / € 120
Coolant / € 60

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